Free Session Offer

If your purchase includes a free session offer then you will receive email confirmation of this at the time of checkout. If you wish to stay longer than your session times you can simply pay the difference. 

Day Session

If your purchase includes a Free day session at Beast Rampz Skatepark then you can use this any day. Day passes are not valid during events held at the Skatepark. 

Week Pass

If your purchase includes a Free week pass at Beast Rampz Skatepark you can start this at anytime. Week passes can only be started on a Monday and will end close of business on a Sunday. 

Free passes can not be exchanged for cash nor sold on to a third party. Confirmation of payment and the confirmation email must be brought with you to the Skatepark. Free passes are valid for three months from the date you purchased goods. For full terms and conditions please see our T&C's page.